April 2014
When a group of young musicians, ask us to help with their sound. We say yes and we would be honoured to do so!
Never did we expect this kind of talent from such a young band. M6L have worked very hard on the classic rock sound. We just needed to capture it and record.
Here is a one of the songs that we produced for M6L and mastered with our good friend Joao Carvelho, of Carvelho mastering.
M6L Honey Come On Over

February 2014
Karen Andrew at Big Bang Studio
After hiring Doron Zor as a session guitarist on her pervious EP (which took place at the beautiful Noble studios) Karen Andrew is now working on a full length album with Doron at Big Bang studio. This album is a great representation of Ms. Andrew’s soulfulness and yet a modern approach in the singer song-writer genre. You can expect a real showcase of talent from all the musicians who have played such a tremendous role on creating the sounds on this album. Marito Marques – percussion, Yash Presswalla- bass, Joel Joseph- keys and Doron Zor on guitars. We are working very hard to release a sample for you all to listen to. Stay tuned for more updates regarding this amazing project.

January 2014
Artist update

We are proud to announce that our artist Alessia Collarile, has just signed with the incredible Irene Carroll of ISee associates. When Irene Carroll signs an artist, it can only mean one thing. This artist is going to make it! This is after submitting two original songs in the country genre, which both Alessia and producer Doron Zor wrote and recorded. This is the beginning of an artist launch!
We look forward to sharing more news and the songs with you all very soon.


December 2013
New Live Room Booth

Check out photos of the new live room booth in our gallery page!



December 2013
Alessia Collarile
We are so proud to share these news with you all.
Our artist Alessia Collarile’s single “In like with you” just hit over 500 downloads in the past two days.
We thank you all for the great support and we can’t wait to release the next two songs we are working on.
In addition to the online support. Alessia is getting air play all over Europe and is currently being interviewed for an article which will be featured in Italy.
Stay tuned for more news and updates about Alessia.


December 2013
Our new booth is the final stages of completion.

We are so pleased to share this picture with all of you who supported the Big bang sound for the past three years.

This room is something we wanted to put together for a long time. The room features a 16inch wall with four layers of sound proofing drywall, sound treatment between each layer of insolation and two inch treatment throughout the whole room. We also custom made a wall mount snake with four lead wire by Dzee Burst pedals and cables, which allows us to go female to female and use anyone of the three room us both a live room and or a control room.

We are currently working with some great artists and we will post clips for you all to hear our new room.





November 2013
Alessia Collarile

We are proud to announce that singer song-writer Alessia Collarile is working on her debut record.

Doron Zor discovered Alessia on YouTube and is now producing a full length record with musicians such as Marito Marques and Joel Joseph. Just to name a few.

This is a truly new and unique sounding record. We are focused on earthy type sounds, with a foundation of a Cajon as our main groove instrument.

We introduced instruments such as udu, darbuka and many interesting percussive sounds to this record.

We are also extremely excited to announce the partnership with the great mastering engineer Joao Carvalho on this record.

Her single “In Like with you” is available through ITunes and many other download sites.

We look forward to releasing the full length album. But for now here is a link where you can download “In like with you”


Alessia will be featured on www.vxco.net so please be sure to follow this great artist.


October 2013

Thank you to our newest sponsor PRS Guitars!

Doron Zor recently got endorsed by PRS Guitars and received a Custom 22. After getting his hands on the PRS 2008 NAMM Special for a while, Doron had a good idea of what kind of sound he wanted from the instrument. He was able to have his Custom 22 tweaked to his personal preferences and get the tone he needs.




October 2013
DZee Burst Pedals & Cables

Big Bang Studio will be demoing all gear for DZee Burst Pedals and Cables.

DZee Burst currently makes hand crafted, high end custom booster pedals on highly flamed maple wood.

Follow @DZeeBurst_Pedals on instagram to see more pics and videos of these amazing custom pedals.





September 2013

Thank you to our newest sponsor Larrivee

Big Bang Studio’s Doron Zor has spent years playing many different electric guitars, amps, and pedals to find the tone he needs for his sessions. Doron has found some great acoustic guitars as well but he never did find one that really spoke to him. After spending some time talking with Larrivee about many possibilities for different tone woods, Doron has selected the Larrivee D-03R. The R in the name means that the sides and back of the guitar are made of rosewood which is great for getting a scooped sound. The D-03R will be featured on three of Big Bang Studio’s productions happening this month.

September 2013

Karen Andrew is now working at Big Bang Studio

In the few days of working together, both Karen and Doron have discovered a great musical chemistry and are now working together to produce both a new album  and a live show.

The live show will feature Marito Marques on percussion and an acoustic bass player TBA.

August 2013

Karen Andrew

Big Bang Studio’s Doron Zor received a call from the talented acoustic/roots/R&B vocalist Karen Andrew.

Karen is recording her latest EP at Toronto’s Noble Studio.

Doron was called in to play acoustic and electric guitar on Karen’s songs. This great fusion of music allowed Doron to add his signature sound to yet another great production.

July 2013

Chris Ricci covers Justin Bieber’s “Be Alright” at Big Bang Studio

July 2013

Doron Zor Judging in VX1

Rapper’s and MC’s Wanted! Come one, come all; to the launch of the most anticipated and electrifying extravaganza of the year. Benjamin Verde Inc. proudly presents VXCO.NET “Vicious Competition” Register today, for your chance to win the grand prize of $1,500.00 per event. Finalists from the series will compete for the ultimate prize of $10,000.00. Visit www.vxco.net for more information or call 1.888.995.VXCO (8926) Get ready! The Competition will be vicious!

June 2013

Corey Fila’s first mix/recording session at BBS

We are so proud to post this mix of the incredibly talented Corey Fila and T.C. These young artists really have their game plan set in stone.

It is very rare to see such young artists working so well in the studio. They know their parts and they know how to deliver them with passion.

Corey Fila – Baby Its You

June 2013

Vijay Mohan’s latest track

One of the most impressive makeovers we have seen in a long time.

Vijay continues to impress us every time he steps in front of a microphone.

We spent a few weeks rethinking Vijay’s sound, and here is what we came up with.

A soulful album with incredible musicianship and killer vocal chops.

Vijay – Love Yourself

June 2013

Summer special

May 2013

The Next Star Singer

Big Bang Studio is offering you a chance to win a $10,000 artist development / recording contract.

For more information, click on the PDF link below.


May 2013

A Big Bang Thank You to Miss David

We had a video shoot with Miss David and took a picture for Instagram after our session. When she posted the picture, she wrote this along with it:

“All things work together for your greater good” Romans 8:28 – A few months ago I put up a posting in search for a guitarist I connected with a few people but nothing ever worked out… That all happened for a reason. Had I connected with another muscian I would have never connected with one of the most talented players I know Doron Zor. His guitar work is IMPECCABLE! I couldn’t have asked for a better guitarist!! When things dont work out smile. God has a better plan for you.


We would like to thank Miss David for the kind words. It’s always a pleasure working with her.

Reading this comment sure makes all the hard work worth every second.


May 2013

Young Artist Contest Winner

We would like to congratulate to the winner of the Young Artist Contest, Joanna Mohammed! Thank you to everyone else who sent in a submission.

To view her video submission, just click on her picture.


March 2013

Click below to view the Young Artist Contest

Young Artist Contest PDF

February 2013

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January 2013

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January 2013

Mobile pictures

There are so many great musicians who drop by our studio on a daily basis. Not to mention the cool things that happen at BBS.

In our efforts to keeping you up to date, We are adding a mobile section that will be updated regularly for you to stay in the loop on whats

going on at BBS, and what we are working on and with who at all times.

December 2012

We are back and looking amazing

We are proud to announce our freshly renovated live room.

Cedar walls, Acoustic quoting (Acoustical paint), sound proofing baffles, capped corners, diffusers and reflectors

are just a few of the new treatment we’ve added to our live room.

We are working on new pictures and we will update our gallery shortly.

December 2012

Merry Christmas and happy holidays

From the 22nd-26th of December we will be closed for construction.

We are renovating our live room. New walls and new acoustic design.

Please stay tuned and visit us for new pictures and updates on our build.

November 2012

Chris Ricci

BBS is proud to present a new young artist under our development plan.

Chris Ricci is a fresh face on the scene and will be presented by mid 2013.

Expect an RnB record that will feature Chris at his very best.

October 2012

Vijay’s Christmas record

At BBS we always enjoy and take pride in being able to take an artist’s vision and taking it to the next level.

Vijay approached us with a great project in mind. A Christmas Record packed with all the greatest hits that has its own twist with a modern feel and great musicianship. Vijay will be touring his Christmas record next year ( Christmas of 2013 ) and will be ready for booking as early as September 2013.

June 2012

Selena Evangeline

Selena Evangeline is truly one of a kind and has to be one of the most powerful singers we have ever worked with. We hired Selena as a guest artist on VJ’s record, and we asked if she would be interested in singing on “Music for life” it took her two takes after listening to the song and the melody ideas to make it her own.

With such a soulful sound we are looking forward to future collaborations with this amazing artist.

Here is  Music For Life “Can’t give up on life


May 2012


Back in April we received word of a new singer by the name of VJ.

Little did we know about his vocal abilities at the time.

VJ showed up at our front doors and asked if he could sing something for us.

It took about four barres for us to say “WOW, we need to work with this guy”.

Now after a month of working out final ideas, we are proud to say we are on to something great with VJ.

VJ made a contribution to “Music For Life” with a real touching message to the world.

Click the link to preview the track Music For Life “You’ll get another chance”.

March 2012

Music for life has officially started

We have celebrated the first song of Music for life Sat March 16

with the amazing Armando Scala of Back alley ringers.

“Hold on” is a groove oriented blues song which is sure to make you

shake your leg.

We are looking forward to mixing and sharing this tune with all of you.

The guitar sounds we achieved on this track are truly something else.

Stay posted for the preview of

Watch a sample clip of the session for “Hold on

Clip here to listen to a sample of Music for life Hold on


February 2012


This project is from deep down and from the bottom of our hearts.

The story of Chiara is available through her website http://chiaradavide.com/

What is Music For Life? Toronto’s elite musicians getting together and recording

an album and donating all profits to help Chiara in the fight for life.

Fran (Chiara’s mother) and Doron Zor have spent weeks figuring out how to bring

joy into Chiara’s life once again. As Fran mentioned that Chiara loves music and played

three different instruments, it was a no doubt that a full record had to be made for her.

BBS contacted all of Toronto’s elite musicians and told Chiara’s story.

It is our pleasure to announce the following musicians that are already on board.

Aaron Spink – drums

Paul DeLong – drums

Calvin Beale – Bass

Andrew Stewart – bass

Jordan John – vocals, guitar and drums

Howie Silverman – keyboards and drums

Michael Shand – keyboards

S.Davis – vocals

Bruce Skerritt – keyboards

Armando Scala – vocals and guitar

We will list the rest of the names as we move further into the project.

If you have any questions about Chiara’a project feel free to contact us.


February 2012

S.Davis returns to BBS.

With less than one week due for his latest release. S.Davis chose BBS to re-produce his 2008 hit “I do”.

We wanted to give this tune a 2012 sound but with an old school sound as far as live instrumentation.

A preview will be posted by the 14th of the month.


January 2012

Sunny Choi is one of the most incredible stories of the year. Female instrumental pianist with more

views on YouTube than Celine Dion!

We had the pleasure of recording drum tracks for her first release which will be released by October 2012.

With a great team of producers, managers and agents behind her, this was an extremely fun session.


January 2012

Happy new year to all of you and may all your wishes come true.

We look forward to working with you soon.

Thank you for all of your support.



December 2011

Reza Arya is a Persian artist that Doron has worked with in the past, guitar sessions and mixing.

Reza is a long time friend of ours and after over eight years talking about making a recording together

we finally came together and we are in the process of creating a lounge/dance album.

We are in full attempt to make this an all live and analog experience.

Previews will be posted soon.


November 2011

We have been very busy working with many different rappers during this year.

One artist that we really had a great time working with has been SK.

This artist made us all look at each other every take he took. We couldn’t believe how easy it was

for him to spit his verses. Nothing was written down or rehearsed, just give him the track and watch him go!


October 2011

Over the past few weeks we’ve finished many different projects and we are working our way onto posting samples. Please check in with us real soon.


August 2011

Howie Silverman is a name we are all familiar with in the music industry.

Howie was the drummer for Dizzy Gillespie, Moe Koffman, Joe Williams, Lenny Bru and many many more. Being the “monster” musician that he is,

Howie is not just a drummer but an arranger/composer  and an amazing piano player. Recording and playing all the instruments on his own and creating his dream record,

the legendary Howie Silverman turned to us when it came time to mix and master his incredible musical creation titled ” Solo Explorations “

Doron also had the pleasure of playing rhythm and lead guitar on

” No more Moe ” a tribute to the legendary Moe Koffman written by MR Silverman


July 2011

BBS are proud to announce the development of BTM.

This one of a kind nu-hip hop group is like no other music you have heard before.

The BTM have teamed up with us over the past few month and we are in the process of completing their first record.

With high intense lyrics but yet as deep and meaningful as it gets. This group has already created such a buzz around them that other

musicians are calling asking to be apart of this.

We are doing our very best to get a few samples out for everyone to check it out but in the meantime enjoy the single titled “Let me show you what i got”


July 2011

Studio package and artist development prices-PDF

BBS would like to thank all our artists for the great support and loyalty.

We have been open for business for our first six months and we have had the pleasure of working on some great music with great musicians.

Unlike many other studios we are more of a production studio. Meaning. We develop the artist, help write the music and in most cases, we do all the writing or sell the songs to the artists.

We have put together an artist development plan to make things easier on you and show you how you can save money and still work with some of the finest musicians Toronto has to offer in a high end recording studio.



















June 2011Back Alley Ringers. What a treat it was to work with these great group of guys. This band plays the meanest blues we have heard in a longtime!Armando’s vocals are such a power house and his guitar workwas just a pleasure to listen to. We are working on the final mix and should have a link for you to listen to within the next few days.

May 2011

Tina Hung, A local singer/songwriter that came to BBS to work on her tunes and develop her sound.Tina is a very unique kind of singer that was really open for new ideas and allowed us to mould her into a great singer that has something new to offer.We had the pleasure of working with Tina on her song writing and got to put our own twist and add our touch to her already great tunes.As always we used great players that brought a lot to the table and helped pump the energy into the tunes. Stay tuned as we are working on new tunes and a music video for Tina in the following weeks














April 2011At BBS we are always looking to work on great music with amazing musicians. We waited two months for Breanne Arrigo’s arrival from San Diego.We have calibrated with many great musicians to write Breanne’s next record.The focus of this record will be a funky soul record.













March 2011 

Whats happening at Big Bang Studio? BBS is currently working with Khadijah Lopez an amazing 15 year old singer based out of Toronto.Khadijah has an extremely unique sounding RnB voice. From her huge vibratos to silky smooth dynamics, expect huge things from this young lady.